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            An alien base hotel being built in Nanjing | Snow scenery of forestry park in N Chinas Inner Mongolia[4] | 设为首页 | 加入收藏
          • Bank of Chinas overseas arms boost profit
          • New platforms build medical bridges
          • VS gets closer to Chinese women
            KUNMING - A forest fire that broke out on Wednesday in the outskirts of Kunming, capital of southwest Chinas Yunnan Province, is still blazing southwards, despite efforts to stop the fire spreading, authorities said on Friday. [2020/10/18]
            He was trapped in the train for 54 hours during the journey that covered nearly 2,000 km. [2020/10/22]
            Chinas anti-graft authority announced it is investigating the nations top official of work safety for alleged violation of laws and disciplines of the Communist Party of China. [2020/10/25]
            The report titled Laying ground for reunification era on the Korean Peninsula said that Seoul will provide breed, seed and farm tools with Pyongyang this year to restart cooperation in agricultural and livestock sectors. [2020/10/16]
            The idea of coming to mutual agreement over natural resources is constitutional and has been beneficial in the past, Rep. [2020/10/13]
            Greek coastguards speedboats supported by a C-30 aircraft and a helicopter are searching the area for the missing seamen. [2020/10/12]
            Professor Jia Shunping, who researches road transportation at Beijing Jiaotong University, said some government departments and highway businesses are taking advantage of loopholes in the regulation. [2020/10/2]
            The shops would improve our tourism environment, elevate service standards, create jobs and revenue, and promote the development of ethnic and local cultural products, Hongwei, deputy head of Tibets tourism bureau and a deputy of National Peoples Congress, said on Tuesday. [2020/10/9]
            One good turn deserves anotherA lovely story was reported by Chongqing Evening News on Tuesday. [2015/4/26]
            >[Photo by Zou Zhongpin / China Daily]Tens of thousands of workers continued a weeklong strike on Tuesday over what they claimed were underpaid social security benefits by a major shoemaker in Dongguan, Guangdong province. [2015/9/29]
            According to him, with the annual manufacturing growth standing at 25 percent in the coming 10 years the government hopes the share of manufacturing in exports will increase to 50 percent. [2019/1/24]
            Should I confess when the time is right? How should I explain it to her? He says he had to study very hard in high school because education was his only way out. [2018/11/9]
            Previously, the Ministry of Civil Affairs seldom granted such licenses to private investors. [2017/11/18]
            Six days after the Sichuan earthquake, residents in the county seat of Baoxing were still dealing with the aftershocks and living in tents. [2018/1/1]
            The 18 team members from the Red Cross Society of China are expected to leave Manila soon for Tacloban, one of the hardest-hit areas, and stay there for 15 days. [2016/8/4]
            The suspects allegedly swindled people out of at least 200,000 yuan (,350) by taking them to a café between December 2012 and May 2013, where they were charged excessive prices, according to a statement from Beijing Dongcheng District Peoples Court. [2017/1/11]
          Picturesque scene in Changbai Mountain, NE China- China Daily   更多>>
            It also has 120 million destitute citizens living on less than a day - the world standard for absolute poverty. [2017/7/30]
            Anxious relatives of the missing teen wait on the bank of the Jialu River in Zhongmou county, Central Chinas Henan province, Aug 18, 2013. [2016/12/13]
            ZWZ acquired German-based KRW Leipzig GmbH in 2013, a firm founded in 1904 which owned global leading technologies and its products are now widely used in railway vehicles, machinery manufacturing and new-energy fields. [2018/2/28]
            China is currently the worlds fastest growing market for beef consumption. [2015/2/13]
            The company said its first electric vehicle will come out soon. [2018/3/2]
            Parents agonize over the day their children were abducted by human traffickers. [2018/10/6]
            Due to their low fertility rate, the animals have become endangered. [2019/10/15]
            I could not adapt to the new environment. [2016/7/18]
            Its an internal affair how to commemorate the people who sacrificed their lives for the national policy, Takaichi said on a program on public broadcaster NHK. [2017/6/18]
            The foundation launched the program in cooperation with the ministry in 2009 to give free insurance to 712,000 orphans. [2018/8/24]
          学术动态   更多>>
            It is believed that other large military units will also appoint spokesmen. [2015/10/25]
            Australias Robbie Kruse (C) celebrates his goal with team mate Mathew Leckie (R) and Massimo Luongo during their Asian Cup Group A soccer match against Oman at the Stadium Australia in Sydney January 13, 2015. [2019/11/24]
            Media reports said some buildings in Xingjiao Temple, which was constructed more than 1,300 years ago during the Tang Dynasty, were to be demolished. [2018/1/25]
            Xie Huijuan, Xie Yunfengs wife,talks about her husbands business in the United States in Luoyang, Henan province,June 20, 2013. [2019/12/04]
            The cooperation agreements and mechanisms formed between China and ASEAN in various areas in recent years have brought new opportunities for Sino-ASEAN relations. [2019/12/3]
            They departed China for their home country on Friday. [2016/6/20]
            The elderly woman was traveling with her husband, daughter and son-in-law, and was transported to the mobile stairs in a wheelchair due to her decreased mobility. [2016/11/29]
            Britains University of Sheffield and Chinas Tsinghua University announced on Wednesday that they have created a masters degree program in nuclear engineering and management to help ensure the supply of qualified graduates for bilateral projects. [2018/2/18]
            My son once asked me why we moved so frequently and said he could not remember his home, Qiu said, breaking into tears. [2015/2/26]
            With the right choices, this relationship can play a significant role in enhancing regional and global stability in the years ahead. [2016/8/29]

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